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“I want to circle back to something you mentioned earlier … how you described your experience with God…”

Blank stares and unsurety about God were written across their faces–not much different for most men when asked direct questions about God. They had grown up in church and experienced…religion. But I could tell they had never really met God personally.

One of my personal ‘adventures’ I do is coaching & career guidance work through Redentity.  I’m always looking out for guys that cross my path to introduce the message of full life and freedom. In this case, I was coaching a young man and his older brother attended the meeting.

Not long into the conversation, I could tell there were wounds and things that were preventing Steve and Jack (names changed) from finding break through in their life and vocational direction.  We were near the end of the first session, and there was a blockage of sorts I could sense with the younger brother. So I detoured a bit in my process and dove into the bigger story of the gospel and toward their hearts.  I explained the assault and the fall. I explained our place in the bigger story. I explained what Isaiah 61:1-4 is really about. Release. Freedom. Restoration. Life.

I noticed tears running down the older brother’s face. I confess I was a bit shocked to see the response and that they were eager and ready for more. With tears in their eyes, both gave their lives to Christ!

I invited them back to my home so I could give them a journal and book.  As I inscribed in each of them, they asked if they could take a walk around my property.  Next thing I knew, they had disappeared into my woods and when they came back, they were alive like kids coming back from an adventure.  I asked if they’ve ever hunted.  Both said no but they really wanted to learn.  Then the older said he just bought a bow and said he had no idea what to do.  I grinned and said “you have to meet my friends in Reclaim”.  And so now, we have two young guys who are going to be loved and guided into the freedom and life they have just found!

For freedom and life!


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