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The Reclaim Story

I love stories…I love to tell them and I love to hear them (especially if a campfire is involved)!  So here’s to the beginning of the Reclaim Ministries story and the work God is doing and will do!

God began writing this story in my heart over 10 years ago when I began to notice that many of the men around me (sons and fathers) struggled with several things: what it means to BE a man, what a man is supposed to DO and WHEN a boy becomes a man. Ask 10 men these questions and I am willing to bet you will get 10 different answers. These were questions I struggled with as well. God started taking me on a journey, to show me answers that really have always been there, we’ve just forgotten.

God says in Galatians 4:5 that Jesus came to “redeem those under the law, that we might receive the full rights of sons” and in verse 7 He states that you and I are “no longer a slave, but a son, and since you are a son, God has made you also an heir”. In other words you and I…we are sons of the King. Royalty. Last time I checked that means princes, right? Now how many men do you know that live and make decisions based upon a strong conviction that they are true sons of God, sons with the full rights of true royalty? Sons that have an incredible responsibility to reject passivity and embrace responsibility? Sons of God that know it’s imperative to teach and confirm their own sons’ identity and purpose? Based upon what I was seeing and what national statistics show, the answer was and is: not many.

As the Lord began to unveil the need as well as the answer to that need, He showed me the need for men to reclaim something. Something that He always intended us have and live from: our God given identity and purpose. So after 10 years of waiting Reclaim Ministries is being born – even as I write this! Please pray that God will raise up a group of men in the coming weeks to partner with us as we launch Reclaim Ministries in July.