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Into the wilderness!!

Morning friends, 

Just a quick note to ask you all to please pray as the Lord prompts you to over the next few days for the group of SEEDnet’s mighty men (led by Nathan Wells) coming in tomorrow for our 1st Reclaim Quest! We will be backpacking in the Lost Creek Wilderness from Thursday till Saturday afternoon. There is no cell phone service there so I won’t be able to communicate from our camp area, but I’d ask that you pray for:
  • Protection (for leadership and participants): spiritually and physically, I want these guys to hear truth from Jesus and nothing else. Since we will be miles from anything we need physical protection too.
  • Wisdom,clarity of thought and speech, and Spirit filled teaching: I will be teaching 5 times over 3 days (Thurs eve around 8pm, Fri at 11am, 1pm and 7pm, Sat at 9am).
  • Strength: Months of teaching prep, gear prep and logistics prep have gone into this. This trip will be hard for some of the guys (hiking at altitude, packing in all of our gear, food, etc on their backs).
  • Transformation: We need Jesus to show up and speak to all of our hearts in a way that challenges us and changes us as men. Pray for the Holy Spirit to rest on our camp. 

Thank you all for your prayers, I will report back after our trip!