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Prayer Update:

A quick update about the urgent prayer request sent out last week and what I’m learning from this!

We have seen progress and answered prayers in the following areas:

Legal: we have sought legal counsel and found out several very encouraging things including that our land is zoned accordingly and specifically allows religious activities on it. In short – we have a legal right to be here and to conduct ministry activities whenever we choose.

Relational: much of the opposition has been communicated and supposedly organized by one neighbor. I have met with a couple of the neighbors named in opposition to us and thus far all have communicated that they do not oppose us or our intent. I still have a couple of other neighbors to meet with so pray that all goes well.

Spiritual: My wife and I have felt a peace pervading this stressful situation. It is still a daily struggle and it has drained us at times, but we can feel your prayers and God strengthening us through them.

I am encouraged by all of this, but continue to pray for our neighbors. They are not the enemy but they have been blinded by him. Pray that Jesus would open their eyes to the light of the gospel!