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Prayer Requests

Reclaim is led by a board of 6 men. Three of them are from Ohio, three from Colorado. I highly regard and respect each man who serves on the board and would ask that you cover them and their families in prayer this week as they will be here tomorrow (through Saturday) for our annual board meeting. We meet via phone conferences frequently throughout the year, but I always enjoy “face time” with these brothers.

Please pray for Jesus to speak to us and give us insight as we develop a strategic transition plan for the next 2 years that will guide our growth and ministry efforts.

Pray that we would be able to: eliminate distractions, regain our focus, hear from God and plan accordingly. Also pray for protection (spiritually and physically), as the more we engage in helping men reclaim their lives the more opposition we are seeing. We don’t pray that the opposition would end, but we do pray that God would enable us to recognize the attacks when they come, protect us from the intended effects and teach us how to engage opposition with authority.

Thank you for partnering with us, your prayers strengthen and encourage us more than you may ever know!