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Meet the Board!

Praise God for an outstanding board meeting earlier this month. I love being with these brothers and sisters in Jesus. Not only do we have a lot of fun together, but we work well together too. We were able to confirm the direction we need to continue on in curriculum development and lay out a strategic transition and development plan for the next two years.

This is not your typical meeting setting, but it worked great for hearing from the Lord and cranking out the details of what the next couple of years will look like (Lord willing!).


Victoria, Laura and Jena (from left to right) enjoying Evergreen Lake!


Here are the board members (clockwise from Pastor Bob at the head of table):


Good Looking Pastor Bob Combs: Pretty sure the good looking part is on his birth certificate (or at least he has convinced most people that it is). Pastor Bob is the retired senior pastor of Grace Church in Akron, OH and is our sage. Bob provides the wisdom and experience we need from a lifetime of pastoral ministry experience. I am honored to serve and learn alongside of Bob – every time I spend time with this man I walk away challenged and encouraged!

John Seevers (to the right of Pastor Bob): John and his wife Stephanie (beside him in picture) are friends of ours and members at our church (Aspen Ridge Church) in Evergreen. John is a CPA and owns an accounting firm in Evergreen. He is also the Treasurer for Reclaim and provides much needed wisdom and oversight in the area of budget and finance. John has a heart to teach boys how to become men and leads a Christian fraternity that does just that (Alpha Gamma Omega).

Brian Baker: Brian and his wife Megan live just down the road from us and have been an answered prayer to us in many ways as they are dear friends of ours whom we met shortly after moving to CO in 2013 and have played a crucial role in the early years of Reclaim. Brian is a local entrepreneur and runs a company called SYH (Supplement Your Health).

Jon Sommer: Jon and his wife Laura (not at the table but centered in the picture at the lake with Victoria and Jena) are dear friends of ours from Ohio that we have lived much life with 🙂 Jon and I served together in youth ministry a decade ago and God really united our hearts as brothers. Jon is the national director for Career Direct, a division of Crown Financial Ministries that helps people discover their God-given design and how to choose a career in light of their personality, interests, skills and values.

Nathan Wells: Nathan and his wife Jena (on the right in picture at lake with Laura and Victoria) have played a huge role in my life. Nathan was my youth pastor “back in the day”, Nathan and Jena counseled and married Victoria and I in 2006 and continue to mentor us in our marriage. Nathan now currently leads SEEDnet a ministry that shares Jesus with spiritually, economically, emotionally and developmentally oppressed individuals.

Todd Ickes: My wife (Victoria on the left in picture at lake with Laura and Jena) and I moved to CO in 2013 to pursue a dream God put in my heart many years ago: to see men reclaim their God given identity and purpose as his sons through the wilderness. This has been an incredible journey thus far and one I could not do without my wife. She encourages me daily and has served in countless ways over the past couple of years.

Please pray for us and our families as the Spirit leads, we have faced and will continue to face opposition as we strive to see Jesus reclaim the hearts of men in the coming years. Thank you for praying for this time together!