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The Sprinters

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Meet the sprinters!

This team of men (from left: Adam Rissmiller, Dan Zelinski, Jon Sommer, Jan Strydom, Todd Ickes) gathered here at the ranch earlier this month to formalize a “sprint” team. This team will work together closely to implement a strategy to dramatically grow Reclaim in the next year.

I was humbled and amazed at the revelation God gave us in the course of 2.5 days and 30+ hours of strategy meetings. These guys are intentional about hearing from the Lord and submitting their plans to Him at every step of the way.

You will be hearing about and seeing the results of this teams efforts in the near future but here are a few takeaways and goals from our time together:

  • Reclaim is a gospel focused ministry for reclaiming the hearts of men
  • Our vision is: to see all men fully alive.
  • Our mission is to: engage men, guide them into the wild and proclaim truth so that they may become fully alive and empowered as leaders.
  • Simply put: we take men into the wild to learn the truth about God and themselves.

Here’s how you can pray for us:

  • Pray that we would care for our families well, the next year represents much transition, development, training and travel for many of us.
  • Pray for protection- the very nature of fighting for a mans heart by proclaiming Jesus is dangerous. We’ve already seen and felt the effects of this in several ways. Pray that we would be intentional about wearing the armor of God daily so that we might overcome the evil one’s attempts to take us out.
  • Pray that we would boldly proclaim the Gospel wherever we go – and that we would be one in mind and spirit as we lead.
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit would lead clearly and that we would follow his lead as we begin the process of seeking out investors and hiring several key leaders. This will be crucial in implementing Reclaim chapters throughout the US and laying the framework for a global presence.

Thank you for your partnership with us – your prayers and support mean more than you know.