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SEEDnet Intensive 2017

seednet-intensive (Demo)

Please pray for the SEEDnet intensive launching today! Please pray for this group of men:

Todd, Andy, Larry, Ross, Preston, Scott, Hank, Joe, Perry and Jesse as we head into the wilderness to learn the truth about God and ourselves as His sons. Pray for safety physically and spiritually, and for open hearts to receive truth and that God would lead us to a deep and true repentance that would transform us as men and his ambassadors to advance the Kingdom on earth.

Pray for the individuals who have served and are serving the group this week in preparation of the Lodge, meals, and materials for the group. Pray for our wives and families back home, for protection from attack and for unity while we are gone and to embrace what God teaches us as we return.

Here is a picture of the mid-west half of the group en route now, the other half is coming from California later today!!
Thank you!!