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The 2017 Reclaim / SEEDnet Intensive is in the books, but let me tell you…it isn’t over. Thank you all for your prayers, it’s hard to describe how much we needed them and felt them! As Andy described it “never in my 10 years of full time ministry have I seen the Spirit move and work like He did this week in this group of men”. You can’t script or plan or program the stuff that happened this weekend, you pray, you prepare, you ask everyone you know to pray, you lead and then you get out of the way.

This trip had some extreme highs and lows as men encountered truth and renounced lies and truly banded together as brothers to carry each other when necessary.
The men left today, but they took something with them, their identities as sons of the King, their purposes and action plans to on what Jesus is asking them to do now that they know who they are, and the conviction from the Spirit to remain in Jesus and overcome all the power of the evil one.