Wild at Heart - Basic

A Reclaim hosted BASIC is an official Wild at Heart Boot Camp led by John Eldredge and his team through video session and facilitated by the Reclaim Ministries team. 

This is not a retreat about the “seven things a man ought to do to be a nicer guy.” It is a four-day quest into the recovery of a man’s masculine soul, the release of a man’s heart—his passions and his true nature—all given him by God.

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Wilderness Intensives

The purpose of a Reclaim Intensive is to get you into the wild, out of your comfort zone, and give you the opportunity to wrestle with the big picture questions of who God is and who you are. These four-day backpacking trips are true wilderness experiences and are designed to challenge you both spiritually and physically.

Reclaim offers Wilderness Intensives with several different themes, some are geared towards fathers, others towards husbands, some towards men in leadership positions – but the goal is always the same: to invite men deeper into the invitation Jesus offers us to live in freedom as men who are fully alive.

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Have you ever wondered, "Why life is so dang HARD?"

You are not alone. Being a man isn't easy. Culture tells us we are "priviliged" certainly doesn't feel like it. Life often feels firmly set against us. It’s clear that things happen for a reason, but most of the time, if we are being honest, life feels like a movie that we have arrived to 30 minutes late …

We find ourselves in the middle of a story that is sometimes wonderful, sometimes awful — usually a confusing mixture of both — and we haven’t a clue how to make sense of it all. But what if we could know? Is there a missing piece of the puzzle that would help explain this crazy thing we call life?

Come, join us as we look beyond the surface to discover the treasure that you’ve been searching for.

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In survival situations, campfires represent the difference between life and death. They invoke a sense of camaraderie and assurance. They have a way of drawing out stories, inviting us to pause, reflect and ask questions.

Weekly meetings we call Campfires are the hub of Reclaim. Put simply, they are a place where men can be men. Campfires are held in rugged, untamed environments and the focus of the discussion is always on what it means to live as men in response to what Jesus did for us. Conversations are raw, real and without pretense.

Join a local Campfire and you’ll find other men digging into the masculine soul and uncovering our identity and purpose. Click below to find a Campfire in your area.

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Leadership Training

Engaging men where they are and relationship-building are the keys to Reclaim. And we’re training men to do it — to go— with strategy, purpose, and mission. We call these men Reclaim Campfire Guides (RCGs) and Reclaim Intensive Guides (RIGs).

RCGs and RIGs are the life-blood of Reclaim. These well-trained volunteer leaders are equipped to reach into our culture and cultivate meaningful relationships — and leverage wild, rugged, untamed places to connect with men — directly addressing the lies that men believe about themselves and God.

Reclaim offers robust training programs to qualify and equip men as RCG and RIG leaders. Programs are a combination of knowledge-based and hands-on training.

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