Local Chapters

Reclaim local chapters are groups of men who intentionally and regularly connect to pursue wholeheartedness, freedom and life. These groups are intentional about going to where men are and inviting men into activities that develop and establish relationships through shared adventures that men love. (intro copy for Get involved parent page) Local chapters include bi-weekly Trek (hyperlink to Trek page) or Campfire (hyperlink to Campfire section below) meetings and a variety of activities and adventures such as, off-roading clubs, movie nights, running and hiking groups, archery leagues, local pub night, martial arts, etc. Typically, local chapters meet every other week for Trek and/or a Campfire. In the off week, the local chapter leaders meet for training, prayer, and strategy to go where men are. Local Chapters commit to the Reclaim vision and mission. We give insight and advice when needed and offer leader training and strategy for local chapter development. Our goal is minimal management and oversight of local chapters. Each chapter’s commitment to the Reclaim vision and mission keeps us unified toward our objectives. Each group will best know how to engage with the men in their community.

Use the form below to request more information about your nearest Local Reclaim Chapter: