Greg’s experience in the untamed Rockies that changed his life forever

Larry White

“Before our first night was completed, we needed to depend on each other to reach our campsite. Lack of oxygen, and strenuous hiking was taking it’s toll….”

Nathan Wells

“The over arching truth of our time in the wilderness was: ‘we must fight to depend on Jesus and believe what He says about us.’ In so doing, we are the men that God has made us to be, the men that our families need and the men a lost world needs.”

Aiden Wolfe

“Reclaim Ministries was NOT the “Men’s camp” I was expecting. It is spiritual conditioning for your heart and soul, it gives you a better perspective on who God is, and what he wants for you.”

Andy Shank

“I’m going to be honest, it would have been nice if he eased this city boy into it first, but we went right for it. Right for the wilderness!”