No Vacancy

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Have you ever been frustrated with God or felt like He is distant? I have! In fact, I have felt like this a lot since the pandemic started! But have you ever actually pressed into WHY that is?

It’s been said that: “An unreflective man is a dangerous man…to himself and to those on his side” So, over the next couple of weeks I’d like to reflect on a couple of things that can lead to feeling frustrated or distant from God.…

Life or Death?

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 “I have nothing to look forward to” – These were the headlines of the local paper yesterday morning, voiced by a college senior after learning that her school had indefinitely postponed graduation ceremonies. “This sucks” “It isn’t fair” “Why is this happening?”…

Are you SURE?

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Are you SURE?

I had to laugh this week when I read a friend’s status that said: “How am I doing? Well…I just wiped the outside of a Lysol container with a Lysol wipe. So, I’m fine. Everything’s fine.”

I found it funny because it articulates what many of us are feeling right now in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic.…

Upcoming Men’s Event!

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Hi friends,

Would you please pray for our upcoming February 1st men’s event in Evergreen, Colorado? This event is called Beyond and is a 1 day conference meant to awaken a man’s heart to the Story God is telling and our role in it.…

Remember Derek?

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Reclaim uses the wild to lead men to an encounter with the Truth of who Jesus is and who He created them to be as men!

Remember Derek? Last year Derek had a life changing experience on our Wilderness Intensive…here is another part of his story and how God is Fathering him into the man He created Derek to be!…