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The Maiden Voyage

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On Thursday this group of men and I began a quest into the Lost Creek Wilderness to meet with Jesus and hear from Him about who he says we are and how he desires for us to live as men.

This trip was incredibly significant in that it was the first Reclaim Quest that we have hosted since launching Reclaim Ministries last summer. This event has been dreamed about, prayed for and anticipated for years. The men who attended this Quest are church planters from Ohio with a ministry called SEEDnet. These men are pioneers and warriors for Jesus who share Christ on the front lines in oppressed areas around the country.

This trip was quite literally wild in many ways. The Lord spoke many things to the men including myself. Andy said it well when he said “I never realized how in control I needed to be. Within hours the wilderness confronted me with the fact that I am not in control and desperately need to depend on Jesus even when I am not sure where I am or where He is leading”. The Lord challenged me in a similar way by showing me that that I can not perform in this environment. The hike was grueling, rain and a rising river washed out a portion of the trail forcing us to change our camp location as darkness and rain were both settling in. Finally, when you are hunkering under a rock in the midst of a powerful thunder and hail storm that is flattening your camp all performance goes out the window and survival mode sets in.


Jesus used these things to remove all pride, arrogance and performance from the mix. He then spoke powerful truths to us about the importance of knowing truth and renouncing lies we believe about Him and ourselves.

On Friday night we renounced the lies and sins that have reigned over us and then burned them in the fire.

Then in a celebration cermemony we reclaimed our true identity as sons of the King by speaking powerful words of identity truth over each other and presenting each man with a knife with his new identity engraved on it.

Praise God for these men and the hearts that were reclaimed for the King! Thank you all for praying for this trip…you will never know how much we needed it!