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Meet the first local gathering of Reclaimed men for Jesus in Conifer, CO. We are meeting in a 24 hour grocery store lounge. Two of these guys (Brandon and Sean, right hand side next to me and center back) are guys who I’ve been proclaiming Jesus to for years – and who thanks to your prayers have given their lives to Jesus recently (in the past 2 years). I’ve been trying to get these guys together and to invite unsaved friends for a long time. It’s finally happening (we’ve met the past 3 weeks on Wednesday nights at 8pm in a 24 hour grocery store lounge)!

Last night we discussed what it means to be a real man and how society says a real man never shows weakness. Then we talked about King David (in 2nd Samuel 12 and 13) and how he was deceived by sin but how he confessed his sin when confronted. So Seth said “a real man takes responsibility when he’s screwed up and confesses it to God” praise God!!

Please pray for this gathering. We each prayed by name for an unsaved friend to join us next time. Sean and Seth are inviting friends who are “satanists” to join us next time. Pray for Nick, Caleb, Kaitlin and Max…that the Holy Spirit would overwhelm them with conviction and show them their need for Jesus!