Fathering a Revolution!

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Last Saturday 9 men attended our 2nd kickoff Legacy Event! Brian and I presented the vision of Reclaim and the incredible need for men to understand their God-given identity and purpose. Did you know that the US now leads the world in fatherless families and that 43% of all children in the US live in fatherless homes?…

Reclaiming the Ground!

Todd Ickes Reclaim 3 Comments

Today we officially launched Reclaim Ministries with our 1st of 2 kickoff legacy events!

Praise God for the 12 men that came today who are passionate about living out Ephesians 4:1 “living a life worthy of the calling we have received” and living a legacy of identity and purpose.…

Identity Theft

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Reclaim is a ministry for reclaiming the hearts of men. What does “reclaim” mean? Check out these definitions from Merriam-Webster.com: 1. to get back (something that was lost or taken away) 2. to rescue from an undesirable state; also: to restore to a previous natural state.…

The Reclaim Story

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I love stories…I love to tell them and I love to hear them (especially if a campfire is involved)!  So here’s to the beginning of the Reclaim Ministries story and the work God is doing and will do!

God began writing this story in my heart over 10 years ago when I began to notice that many of the men around me (sons and fathers) struggled with several things: what it means to BE a man, what a man is supposed to DO and WHEN a boy becomes a man.…