A Witness in the Wild

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Such a cool story, I had to share!

Several weeks ago we sent out an end of year update letter, some of which also contained a case statement (pictured above) explaining in detail our vision and mission for reaching men, and asking individuals to pray about partnering with us.…

I’m just not sure to forever

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Nearly three months ago an interesting journey started with man I’ll call Steve whom I now consider a good friend.

Steve and I got connected when I took him and his wife through a couples personality assement and consultation. During that meeting we connected well and he mentioned that he’d be interested to connect with me one on one.…

The Treasure of Christmas

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How does this time of year affect your heart? Personally, I find I have a love/hate relationship with the holiday season. As you know, life can be incredibly good and brutally hard. This time of year has a way of exposing both the loss I feel and the ache within to find lasting peace, joy and life.…

Derek’s Story

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Check out this story from one of the men that came to last weekends intensive!

“I was in a very dark place 4 years ago. It was after my first year of college and I was back home after going through a lot of growing my first year away.…


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Last weekend we took 11 men deep into the Mt Evans Wilderness, we climbed 2500 vertical feet over 12 miles to intentionally climb a mountain to meet with God.

The purpose of a wilderness Intensive is to intentionally take men deeper into their restorative journey with Jesus.…

Pray for us

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Would you please partner with us in prayer over next weeks wilderness intensive? We have a dozen men attending this event. Guys begin arriving July 11. The intensive officially begins July 12 at 9 AM and concludes July 15 at 9 AM.…

Wilderness Intensive

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We have 3 spots left for our upcoming Wilderness Intensive next month July 12-15. This is a 3 day backpacking trip into the Mt. Evans Wilderness. This Intensive is geared towards leaders and entrepreneurs. These are life changing events where you will be physically and spiritually challenged to go deeper in your walk with Jesus.…

Moving Mountains

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If you haven’t read this book yet you need to – not in the “add another thing to the pile of moral self improvement or sin management” way, but in the “I want more life!” way. Here is an excerpt that is challenging me today:

Triumph and Victory

Warfare prayer is not a “back-up” category when all else fails.…