Searching for Life

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I am convinced that one thing we all share in common is that our hearts are searching for LIFE in a world where what we more often find is brokenness, pain and death. God never intended for us to experience any of those things.…

The Day of Small Beginnings

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“Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin” Zechariah 4:10 NLT –

We recently celebrated the beginning of a new chapter for Reclaim. The past 3 years have been spent building a team, developing materials, creating a plan for how to reach men and leading men into the wild to proclaim the truth to them about who they are and who Jesus says they are as God’s sons.…

Air Support Needed!

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We could use all the air support you can give us over the next 4 days. The intensive starts Thursday morning! It has been a strenuous week already as we had a fairly difficult time finding a place to go up high that doesn’t have 5 feet of snow!…


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The 2017 Reclaim / SEEDnet Intensive is in the books, but let me tell you…it isn’t over. Thank you all for your prayers, it’s hard to describe how much we needed them and felt them! As Andy described it “never in my 10 years of full time ministry have I seen the Spirit move and work like He did this week in this group of men”.…

SEEDnet Intensive 2017

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Please pray for the SEEDnet intensive launching today! Please pray for this group of men:

Todd, Andy, Larry, Ross, Preston, Scott, Hank, Joe, Perry and Jesse as we head into the wilderness to learn the truth about God and ourselves as His sons.…

The Sprinters

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Meet the sprinters!

This team of men (from left: Adam Rissmiller, Dan Zelinski, Jon Sommer, Jan Strydom, Todd Ickes) gathered here at the ranch earlier this month to formalize a “sprint” team. This team will work together closely to implement a strategy to dramatically grow Reclaim in the next year.…


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Reclaim is a gospel focused ministry for reclaiming the hearts of men. Over the past couple of years we’ve seen God go before us in many ways…Jesus is literally stirring in the hearts of men and raising up a remnant to proclaim his name to the next generation.…


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2 Tim 3:14 says, “Remember the things you have learned, and the things you have become convinced of because you know from whom you’ve learned them.”

I am convinced that people have lost their way. I am convinced that we all need a guide.…